Find Stunning Beauty and Performances with Different styles of stripping

There are Different styles of stripping performed in clubs and venues around the world. The most popular stripping methods are the striptease, the go-go and pole dance. These techniques provide entertainment for the clients as well as exercise for the strippers. Take a look at this Different styles of stripping performed.

The striptease style

Many strip clubs and entertainment venue feature the classical dance called the striptease. The term striptease is a compound word that combines the two words’ meanings. Stripping this means the dancers completely remove their clothing. To tease means to tempt someone sexually with no intention of satisfying the desire aroused. In stripping, notwithstanding, teasing is a good thing. Stripping off garments each one in turn until one is completely nude is a method for provoking or ruffling the crowd into a frenzy.

Known as top-class entertainers in the Manchester, Liverpool, and Birmingham area, Male and female strippergrams from Striptastic mentioned in a recent interview that they are usually hired for stag parties and hen party entertainment. Performers from their company are often hired to provide a last bit of temptation for the last night of single life.

Go-go dance

Strippers are also mainstream in strip clubs, they wear go-go boots and may perform their acts in makeshift cages or on platforms. Go-go boots turned into a fashion pattern during the sixties and seventies with females of all ages. The prior versions of the boots were white. However today’s are all the more ordinarily dark with high heels.

There’s no doubt about it, watching acts in strip clubs can fill your night with entertainment. Whether the acts are pole dancers, strippers, or go-go girls, all can have a good time. It’s fun to watch, as well as special exercise for the performers.

The Pole Dance

Pole dance has been performed in different cultures and at hen parties. Wands and poles are used for fitness and strip dancing around the world. Historically, female pole stripping and dancing was a sacred rite of passage. Ladies were taught to perform dances and exercises with the poles. On the other hand, men also used poles to do tricks and prove how strong they were. At times, one stick was used and sometimes two were utilized together. At the moment, pole dancing is not just performed in strip clubs. It takes a combination of agility and strength to carry out the gymnastics involved in these routines. To be a successful stripper or a nude model, a woman has to be a gymnast who is equipped with sexy, rhythmic moves. Continue reading

Pin up style ideas

pin up girl

If you are fascinated by the old pin up style, adding a vintage twist can make your look unique and more interesting. We’ve come up with different ways on how you can achieve a quirky pin up look with a mix of the vintage style. Whether it’s styling your hair or upgrading your wardrobe, you can easily incorporate the following steps.

Make up

Many of you have probably heard of Dita Von Teese, if you’re familiar with Dita, you will find that every part of her make up are exaggerated to the point where her eyebrows are precisely drawn in a thick and dark shade. Her foundation is applied flawlessly using a thick foundation cream. Dita’s lips are coloured with bold matte lipstick in red. To make your lips stand out, even more, you can also use a darker lipstick liner on the rim of your lips. With many pin up looks, the eyeliners are drawn boldly with a shape of a wing on the corner of the eye. To accentuate your eye make up, don’t forget to add some false lashes at the end.


Pin up is all about big voluminous hair. If you don’t naturally have a thick hair, don’t worry! There are hairspray and voluminous hair products that you can use to be able to copy the style. By researching on different pin up hairstyle, you will see that there are different looks you can try. There are hundreds of pin up hair tutorials on YouTube that you can do right away. Just note that you won’t always achieve the perfect look when you start but the more you practise, the more you are likely to perfect the look.

Clothing and Shoes

There are different pieces of clothing that you can add to create the pin up look. Most of this pieces involve flaunting your curves and skin as pin up is all about embracing your body and femininity. Some of the most popular pin up wear includes fitted blouses, skirts, button up dresses, high waisted shorts and many other similar pieces. The shoe wear is simple. You can use high heel stiletto or kitten heels.


Tips on creating the perfect burlesque makeup

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The burlesque look can be quite difficult to achieve especially when you are first starting out as a burlesque dancer. Therefore perfecting the burlesque make up can take time and practise right from the beginning. But once you know the basic tips, you can easily create the look in an instant. Keeping in mind that the main basic make up used by burlesque performers are mainly the eyeliner, bright liptsick and the bold eyebrows. However, if you want to go beyond and perfect that look, you can always take some advice from many other burlesque dancers online. To help you out, we have gathered the following articles to get you started.

Burlesque Beauty: How To Do Glittery Red Lips

It was Jo who taught me this trick that first night, and it’s my favorite burlesque makeup technique. It’s also the number one question that women ask me in the audience after the shows are over. I’m serving up glamour while living in a van for a month, people!) Start with a nude moisturized lip … read more at

 How to Do Burlesque Makeup

Before you strut your stuff, you’ve gotta paint your face. Get the look with these makeup tips and tricks. Step 1 Prep your lids Apply a neutral eyelid base, from lash line to eyebrows; then brush a neutral shadow over that. Step 2 Add some shimmer Put some shimmer under your eyebrows, from the highest point of your brow to just beyond the outer edge. Then brush some shimmer on the lids …  read more at

Burlesque Make-up As if it was so easy…. The seriously useful tips are exactly those that make-up artist Kristopher Buckle has published in a book entitled – Burlesque: The Motion Picture. In summary the key ingredients are: deep red lipstick, fake eyelashes and a deeply nourishing glittered body milk to massage all over your skin. The least credible tip? “Simply dip the brush of your eye-liner in a little water and you’ll get a perfectly straight line”. As if it was so easy….The seriously useful tips are exactly those that make-up artist Kristopher Buckle has published in a book entitled – Burlesque: The Motion Picture…read more at

How pole dancing can help with health and fitness

Image from Aarifa-Bhinde-l.jpg ( Via

It’s only been recently that pole dancing has became a popular exercise and sport to both men and women. But there are still many people who are not aware of the benefits you can gain from pole dancing.

Did you know that practising pole dancing can actually offer many benefits on your overall well-being? First of all, the exercise targets the whole of your body from head to toe. Not only does it cover your fitness physically but also your mental health as well as improving your confidence. So we’ve gathered a few relevant articles below stating how pole dancing can help with your overall health.

Pole dance your way to good health – Life and style

“Being on a pole is like flying. It is meditative and one of the most beautiful ways to connect with yourself,” says 27-year-old Aarifa Bhinderwala, as she caresses a 10-feet high steel rod under the dim glow of yellow lights in a mirrored room. Read more…

Darwin pole dancers wanted for world first study into the fitness craze

The study, conducted by the University of Western Australia, aims to look at the effect of regular pole dancing on muscle mass, body fat, fitness levels and mental health. Pole dancing as a form of exercise has grown in popularity over the past 10 years with classes available to people of all ages, shapes and sizes. Read more…

Pole dancing benefits under the microscope

Despite often being associated with bucks nights, researcher Joanna Nicholas said the world-first study has come about after pole dancing exploded in popularity as an exercise activity. Ms Nicholas, from UWA’s School of Sports Science, Exercise and health, said the study aimed to look at the effect of regular pole dancing on muscle mass, body fat, fitness levels and mental health over an eight-week period. Read more…

The best burlesque dancers of all time


Burlesque dancing continues to transform by different influences of famous burlesque dancers over time. Starting way back with Mae West to now Dita Von Teese. Due to massive inspirations of burlesque performers, the art form continues to extend from this day. Let’s take a look at the following best burlesque dancers.

Lydia Thompson – The first woman ever to introduce burlesque in America. The British dancer performs burlesque all around the US with her group, “The British Blondes”. Their fame continues to rise, and they eventually became one of the top entertainment in New York. After Lydia’s tour, she went back to the UK to continue with her burlesque career.

Gypsy Rose Lee – Rose’s burlesque style of striptease became prominent in the history of burlesque. Her aspiration to becoming a burlesque dancer came from an unexpected event. On one of her performance, her strap dress broke and fell off the floor. During the incident, she mixes stripping with her dancing. Come to her surprise; Rose did not expect to have a positive reaction from her audience. From there on, Rose continues to apply her strip tease style on all of her performance. Just like many famous burlesques, she found her fame in Minsky’s Burlesque in New York.

Mae West – At the age 14, Mae was working towards on being a professional dancer. By 1910 she married at the age of 17 and divorce right after one year. From then on she continued to pursue her burlesque career and started in New York.

Sally RandSally had numerous of careers before starting burlesque. She went from a carnival girl to becoming a famous Burlesque dancer in Chicago.

Dita Von Teese – Dita Von brought burlesque back to life during the 1990s. Due to her grand entrance in burlesque, she took the title of “Queen of Burlesque”. Dita’s popularity increased due to her incredible stunt performance in New York. Dita Von mainly inspired her dance act by Sally Rand.

Burlesque Fashions and Fancy Costumes

Burlesque outfits have delighted in increased popularity thanks to their introduction in the media by such artists as Dita Von Teese, Madonna and others. The look is generally associated with the famous pin up model pictures that are influenced in large amounts by the 1940s and 1950s.

The look was initially developed on the Victorian stage, where entertainers opposed the moderate standards of the time by wearing lingerie and stockings during a period when even the merest look of stocking was considered something altogether scandalous.

The Burlesque look is most strikingly portrayed by the figure hugging bodice, an absolute must have thing for defining this look. It is a most useful instrument in accentuating the well-proportioned female structure. Other embellishments associated with this fashion includes stiletto heels, gloves in an assortment of lengths, materials and hues, tie belts, suspenders and seamed stockings.

With poise and sophistication there is no wrinkle, crease or stain in sight. The closet is completely impeccable, with most entertainers and fans of the look leaning towards polka specks and pin-striping. Other prevalent embellishments include feather fans, tutus, exquisite feather boas and rich couture caps. You may hope to find numerous cases of satin, brocade, silk, ribbon and cashmere while donning this style.

When the stage entertainers of the day had stepped out wearing revealing and provocative extravagant dress outfits in front of an audience they took the flouting of customary social orders standards above and beyond. As a satire upon the move and musical drama exhibitions of the day, these entertainers incorporated the provocative and sexy striptease into their move routines.

Unfortunately the approach of tights got rid of the requirement for stocking making machines and most were obliterated or decommissioned until a recovery in popularity and demand for seamed stockings. Present day revivalists now produce duplicates of the originals, yet there are purists who still insist on purchasing the dwindling supply of the original things dating back to the 1950s.

They were all either devastated or dismantled as there was little demand for consistent stockings at the time. A rise in their popularity has seen a reintroduction of the seamed stockings, however purists still crave after the original manifestations, which are becoming increasingly difficult to find. Continue reading

How to prepare yourself when becoming a stripper

There is a lot of things that you need to consider before you decide to become a stripper. It can be a complicated business, but if you understand your way around it, it can turn out to be a great way of making money. Remember it requires a lot of physical and emotional strength. There are some things that you must consider. For instance, what is your main objective? To make money or to have fun? You also need to think of how this might affect your relationship or future employment. If you have had thoughts or wishes of becoming a stripper and don’t know how to start, here is a guide that might help you.


First and foremost, you need to find the right venue. You need to do some research in the clubs in your town. There are many things that you must look out in to. For instance, check to see if that employment laws are being adhered to. Are the performers there safe or in danger of being harmed, among others. Keep in mind that respect is key. Look for a club that respects, and protects the employees.

Feel free to ask questions. After you have identified a club that you would like to work with, speak with some of the girls that are already working there and find out their experiences so far. Check whether there are any charges to perform, then you need to find out how much. Also enquire about tips, do you have to pay a percentage to the club? Check the rates and see if they favour you or if you will just be exploited. This is also a great time to ask the girls where they buy their clothes from.

Next, speak to the manager or owner. Show your interest and request an audition. If the response is positive, check the details of the audition; for example, when it will be, what you should wear and if there is anything else they need you to bring. Feel free to ask any questions that might still be bugging you.

Now that everything has been arranged, you can start off by assembling your wardrobe. Adult stores, catalogues or even specialist online sites will allow you to achieve the perfect look. Some important things to purchase are thongs, high heels and lingerie.
If you still have any doubts about becoming a stripper, think through your objectives, this is the time to back out if you don’t feel entirely happy.

Once you have made up your mind to become a stripper, it is important that you become comfortable with showing your naked body to strangers. It is expected that you will have some clients trying to touch you but a good club should have security in place to deal with this. Also remember that this business is all about how sexy your body looks. So stay in shape. Keep your body toned and eat healthily.

In preparation for your audition, go through your dance routine over and over again so that you master it. Once you hit the stage, you need to show that you know what you are doing. Get used to dancing and stripping in heels. Your choice of songs must also be appropriate for the audition. Choosing good songs that you know well will help you develop a basic routine. If you are a beginner avoid the pole in the audition. With time, you can teach yourself by watching pole dance videos online or by taking classes.

The final stage is your audition. Select a good stage name. Bring with you the items discussed when you arranged the audition. Once it is your time to perform, ensure that you are all set. Your hair, nails, make up and body should all look their best. Be confident and do your best. In case you don’t get a positive response, feel free to ask them which areas you need to improve in, and when you can come back again for an audition.

Dance & Pole Dancing Classes

When people speak of pole dancing, in any language, references to go-go and lap dancing used to be popular. These days, many celebrities and everyday people use the activity as a way to keep their bodies in good form. Not so widely known, however, is the fact that this is an acrobatic profession used for circus performances within Asian cultures.

pole dancing

The dance doesn’t just show off woman’s assets, but it provides show-goers with a visualisation of the dancer’s flexibility, strength and musicality! Pole dancing also involves many, eye-catching to watch, tricks. The handstand, butterfly and windmill tricks are widespread staples in any dancer’s repertoire. The spin on the pole doesn’t have to be embellished. Nor is it kept discreet. Pole dancing, in its entire physical brilliance, is applauded by people of all walks of life.

Pole dancers are increasing in population. Once, this was an alternative term for exotic dancers. Now, both women in the industry and women who are college professors can be coined as “pole dancers”.

Word of mouth is helping to promote the various benefits and self-expression of this art form for women globally, but specifically within The United States. Pole dancers are uniting online through information on classes, videos on routines, and sharing competition notes. The online community is also helping to eliminate the myth that this dance sport is for a specific group of women.

Although some industry professionals are certainly pole dancers, not all pole dancers are industry professionals. Serious online communities are setting up shop on the Internet to share tips, tricks and knowledge about the dance sport. Competitions for pole dancing embody specific titles for best “mount” and categories for set pole dancing tricks, such as the Inverted Snake and the Ice Skater! Continue reading

Health and Fitness Personal Trainer

There are many health professionals who provide private instructor services to help you get into shape for your career as a stripper. The personal trainer is a brilliant alternative to gyms. There are numerous who offer the services at your preferred time or locations and help you with a trained instructor in keeping fit at your home, work environment, or selected gyms.

Individual guidance is also provided to educate you about exercise and fitness equipment. These personal trainers will precisely plan and mentor you, keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish your desired goals. They endeavour to ensure you receive a fitting result irrespective of the area or time. The programs are catered for exclusively to give a prudent, advantageous and agreeable environment with an intent to transform your lifestyle and offer you some assistance with getting healthier and more empowered!

The personal trainer offers a focused, custom-made service to relieve you from the hassle of visiting a health or exercise centre, while at the same time offering you some assistance with achieving your fitness goals. As this individual mentor works around your schedule, it fits comfortably into even the most tumultuous of lifestyles. The certified, experienced coaches furnish you with individualised services to maintain your shape so that you can look your best. The personal trainer also advices on eating habits to check on weight to enable you get in shape. Continue reading